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#046 – Awareness is a Gift

You know that old adage: you don’t know what you don’t know? Well, we probably don’t notice it much, except for when we’re looking for an answer to something we’re seeking, right? Then, we notice that we don’t know what we don’t know. But what about the rest of the time? I’m sure there’s many […]

#045 – Creating Rich Systems with Latoya Dixon-Smith

Do you ever feel like you’re doing things on the fly in your business and can’t keep up? You’re maybe sacrificing all your time to give your clients the best experience and you feel like there’s GOT to be a better way? Well, there is and if any of this feels like you, this episode […]

Make Your Loved One’s Story Come Alive In Grief: Lora’s Story

“I’m a photographer. How do I NOT have pictures of my dad? I had plenty of posed photos, but nothing that captured HIM as I know him. It was a sick feeling,” said Lora Wallenstein, participant of The Preservation Project. If you’ve ever experienced loss, you’ve feared the strong feeling of your bond weakening over time. […]

Set Goals / Intentions Monthly and Measure Results in Business and Life

#043 – The Mega Monthly Report on Business + Life

I’m going to teach you how I do my monthly report and why it matters. Hint: If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels in your business + life, this is an easy place to start for perspective, clarity, & direction that’s FREE—no hundreds of dollars to a coach or strategist. Enjoy the story. Alright, […]

What to Measure in Your Creative Business

#042 – The Magic of Metrics

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to waste your time when it comes to how you show up in your business. When you sit down and get to work, you wanna *know* your time and effort are gonna give you a return. With some actions, you probably you find yourself asking, “Why bother?” but […]

How to Plan for Memory-Keeping

Marie’s Results for February + March 2019 Intentions

Hello friend, Last month: I felt a surge of awareness & feeling awake, because I was more involved in TPP as it’s opened back up again. Fast forward: It’s waned a bit now, because I’ve been out of the TPP practice mode the past month. A few new things came up this month:  1. I’m […]

Organize family photos professionally

#040 – Personal and Professional Photo Organizing with Cathi Nelson

Think about the state of your photos for a sec. How’s it going over there? You’ve got some printed, but even more growing lost in DigiNeverland? Thousands of photos unseen on your hard drive? 5 figures worth of photos + video clips stored on your phone & in the cloud? What about the photos full […]

Intentional Documentary Photography

Iconic Photo Story: Striking Balance Between Creating & Being Present

It was the first time my four-year-old son had been night swimming. As I watched him duck and dive, I remember feeling so proud of his water confidence. I balanced on the edge of the pool to get the shot, trying not to fall in. Once I felt I’d captured the moment enough, I put my camera […]

Setting Intentions, Goals, and tracking them

Marie’s Results for January + February 2019 Intentions

It felt like January was half over before I was in motion after holiday break, but I’m not allowing “feeling behind” in my vocabulary. What’s come up in recent years is a need to feel awake in my life. I’m learning, being AWAKE, requires a great deal of acceptance for where you’re at. Otherwise, you’re always thinking […]

How to Keep Family Memories

January 2019 Intentions + Best Tools for Progress

My body might stop working, but rarely does my mind follow suit. In fact, that’s what sparked the idea for PEACE as my word of the 2019 year. 2018 was record-breaking for anxiety — a word I only ever thought others dealt with, never me. In 2018, I had many nights of insomnia, much worry […]

Family Documentary Photography - Summer

Marie’s 2018 Reflection, Noteworthy Memories, & 2019 Intentions

At the time of writing this, the End of Year reflection emails are pouring in. I always feel a little tug to participate too: Top 9 on IG, write what worked / what didn’t, share our highlight reel in pictures… SOMETHING. Yet, I’m never prepared and every year, I tell myself, “Next year, I’ll do […]

All the Awesome of December in Documentary Family Photography

Here’s a round-up of happenings around the Fearless and Framed Community this month. Note from our Founder: Hello friend! I’ll cut to the chase – this is a busy month for many of us. Have you thought about teaching a beginner level photography class? I’m a huge advocate for them, because: They’re a fruitful revenue […]

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