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Exciting May 2018 Things in Documentary Family Photography

In the spirit of unity + community here’s a round-up of all the things happening in the Documentary Family Photography Community in MAY. Note from our Founder: Hiiii! Remember last month how I set an intention to re-establish my boundaries (like no laptop after kid bedtime, in bed by 9 p.m. to read / journal […]

A Photographer + Her Husband’s Adventure to Naomi’s Village in Kenya, Africa

It all started in January 2017. My husband and I were in Encintas, CA, walking along the beach. We were both so incredibly happy to be close to the ocean, for the change of scenery from the mountains in Colorado. We were so happy to be warm, to have the time to walk next to […]

Maternity Documentary Photography from Justine Currant

#006 – Family Connection + Photography with Justine Curran

Today, I re-listened to this convo with Justine Curran. It happened more than a few months back, so today it felt like something new. I’ve gotta tell ya, I was lit the hell up listening to this thing! It re-ignited my excitement for our convo, but also for the podcast as a whole + what […]

#005 – ‘Elicit Emotion’ Obsession? Listen in.

When I speak to my students, they’re often so obsessed with the questions, “do you feel emotion?” or “do you feel the story?” that they’re trying to make ALL of their pictures be universal… to the point they lose sight of their voice from trying so damn hard. In ep 005, I get up on […]

Awesome Things to Know in Documentary Family Photography APRIL 2018

In the spirit of unity + community here’s a round-up of all the things happening in the Documentary Family Photography Community in April. Note from our Founder: Hiiii! My kids are home from Spring Break and my in-laws are in town this first week of April. That means, I’ll be doing a whole lot of […]

The Podcast for Photographers

The Making of the Intentional Documentary™ Podcast

We’re fully ready for the Intentional Documentary™ Podcast to go LIVE on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Not gonna lie, it feels GOOD. We’ve got episodes in the queue for sound editing, mini mags, and new guest convos brewing. In the meantime, I want to share all the external (and internal) stuff that’s happened behind the scenes […]

Save Our Souls: Portraits of Post-Maria Puerto Rico (Project, La Mano de Maria Part 2)

In January 2018, photographers Katie Jett Walls (Washington DC) and Aniya Emtage Legnaro (Barbados) travelled to Puerto Rico to document the on-going affects of post-hurricane devastation on the lives of puertorriqueños living in marginal areas. Here’s what Katie had to say about the experience: I really don’t know where to begin or what to include […]

Awesome Things to Know in Documentary Family Photography February 2018

In the spirit of unity + community here’s a round up of all the things happening in the Documentary Family Photography Community in February. Note from our Founder: Hello, Friend! As we inch our way into February, I’ve been reflecting on celebrating what our little, growing genre has built up so far. I sent out […]

17 Reflections in Marketing + Memories + Life from 2017

My apologies if this gets a bit long – it’s a bit of a journal-esque share. 1. Humanity trumps everything. I teach you to be more of yourself in your communication and I got lost in the shuffle myself in 2017. The root cause: doing too much, too fast. My shares came from a place […]

client questionnaires for family photography

Why I Use Client Questionnaires for Documentary Photography

Ever show up to make documentary work of your clients, but they can’t seem to grasp the concept that you’re not there to direct? Or, they’re so stuck on the outcome of their pictures that the honesty of the story is lost? I’ve totally been there! In 2013, my client work was very trial & […]

Documenting Real Stories: Project, La Mano de Maria (Part 1)

On September 20, Hurricane Maria struck the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, at just a hair under Category 5 strength. Towns and cities across the island, home to 3.4 million people, were devastated. The devasation in her wake is a humanitarian crisis with effects that will carry far into the future. Fellow Documentary photographers Katie Jett […]

13 Lessons to Make Your Inbox Presence More Welcoming to Readers

I opt-in for A TON of stuff using a dedicated (and neglected) email for opt-in noise (to keep my main inbox clutter-free). Recently, that inbox went from 21,000 emails (!!) to inbox zero status WITHOUT hitting Select All / Delete. Crazy, right? I’ve got a feeling what I learned will be your new email marketing […]

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