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Documenting Real Stories: A Photographer Meets a Nomad Family in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot

I am a storyteller. Possibly my greatest muses are my children.  At least they are my most common.  Through the lens of my camera they have grown and learned.  But this story is not their story.  It is about someone else’s.  Someone whose story is very much different than mine… This particular story presented itself […]

Documenting Real Stories: A Client Photo Session on a Farm

So much of my photography career people have always wanted everyone to look the camera “cheeseing”, and I’ll do it, very unwillingly, but I will do it. Those aren’t the moments that anyone truly want to remember. The ones where everyone has sweat dripping and teeth grinding all while trying to wrangle children into their position […]

Documenting Mitzvahs as Part of a Thriving Photography Business with Susan Kalina

I am a documentary family and event photographer. However, I didn’t start out that way. I majored in photojournalism at Mizzou and worked at newspapers and magazines for ten years. Thirteen years ago I made the decision to step off the career track to stay home with my children and quit my job as a photo […]

16 Inspiring Family Documentary Photography Sessions of 2016

We’re pretty thankful to be involved in a photography community where individual core values are celebrated.  In 2016, we watched some photographers blossom, met new photographers who have become friends, and lifted each other up in taking documentary photography to our clients. This blog post is to give a shout out to a handful of […]

Day in the Life | Documentary Photography

Thoughts on Photographing Your Own DITL with Alaina Miles

We’re surrounded by photographers shooting their Day in the Life projects and offering these sessions to clients. If you’re anything like me, you’ve become too busy to do your own and too “I really don’t want to invest in a photographer when I can take our family photos myself with a little strategy to get […]

Documenting Real Stories: They Shoot Rockets, I Shoot the Camera

My husband and son got into shooting model rockets last year, when my son was just 3 but totally into anything about space. We live in Washington DC and my son, Del, thought the Washington Monument was a rocket ship for the longest time. That reminded my husband of shooting model rockets with his dad when he was a kid – so he and Del went to a hobby shop one day and picked out a little rocket.

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Sixty Years of No Regrets: Photographing an Anniversary Party

I was greeted with smiles in the lobby as I finally had the opportunity to meet Cindy. We took the ride up to the Presidential Suite where her parents and other family members were hanging out. As I walked into the room, I felt nothing but love. I wasn’t just “the photographer” or “the hired help”, but I was one of them. I was family.

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work-life balance and escaping business with our first family vacation

Escaping Business With Our First Family Vacation

Like white water rafting or flying through a good book in one sitting is for some people, Fearless and Framed is my thrill. Truthfully, I’m the opposite of someone that experiences business burnout…. I can’t get enough. Turning off being in work-mode is a challenge every day. I call it sickly-driven and carry a lot of guilt over this as often I feel like I’m not being the best mom or wife I could be. I’ll catch myself spending time with the kids as they play with the hose and buckets; while physically present, my mind will drift back to work. Typically, when I’m not supposed to be working is when I have the best ideas. And then those ideas ignite the need to get back to work. It’s a cycle that is hard to escape when you’re in it deep, but I believe I’ve cracked the code for myself. So this is a message for all of my go-go-go, hustlin’ readers that have a hard time letting themselves chill out, work-free, and guilt-free. #dreamobsessed

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Older Kids, Electronics and Great Family Photos

Documentary family photo sessions with parents and little ones come in abundance to be featured on the Fearless and Framed blog. I’m not sure why the demand for a family photo session seems to wane as the kids get older. Just as important as celebrating the firsts we have with our babies and children, the years in the middle + when they are closer to starting their own lives is incredibly special too. When I saw this session from Khalilah, I knew it had to be shared with our awesome community.

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From Shooting Everything to Shooting With Intention

Why shoot everything and miss out on your valuable shutter clicks when you can develop yourself to shooting with intention? Learn more.

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how to get more photos in a short session

How to Get More Great Photos in a Short Session

This post is a continuation in my series about how long a documentary-style session “should” be. You can read the first post, Shooting Under the Pressure of a Clock here. To summarize, I mentioned how so often in a short 1 hour or so session, especially in-home when things are moving a bit slower, I leave feeling like I could have done more. Since I was a little worried about getting great photos with an audience and in only an hour, we planned a second session to happen later in the day outside of the home. I invited my workshop attendees to shoot alongside me for this session and we planned to arrive about 90 minutes before sunset.

So if you recall, the previous post had 30 images and I was there for just over an hour. This post has 60 images and I shot this in just over an hour as well. So what makes this session different from the last? Three things: 1. The family now had experience in being photographed by me, so the whole “warm-up” phase was less necessary 2. Environment and 3. Engagement. Let’s talk about 2 & 3 a little more in-depth.

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holiday tradition photo shoot

Holiday Traditions: Building a Gingerbread House with Grandma & Grandpa

For more than 15 years, my parents have made gingerbread houses for their grandchildren at Christmas time. As soon as I had children and they were old enough to participate, I was ecstatic! It’s become one of our most treasured Christmas traditions, and one of my favorite holiday activities to photograph. I can only imagine the special memories my little ones are storing away of magical times like these, spent with their grandparents. Also, after the craziness of Christmas morning gifting, I always look forward to photographing this calmer and more peaceful activity where I feel I have more control.

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