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Gaining Closure of a Life Change Through Making Pictures

The moment I said ‘yes’ in the decision to move south, there was a pang that felt a lot like loss among the excitement of adventure. If you knew me in real life, you’d know I’m an easy going, go-with-the-flow kinda girl. I LOVE new + change. Still, when I love something hard, I have […]

An Annual Family Photo Session to Spotlight Cerebral Palsy

I want to share a story with you. A special one. Special. Special needs. Special needs family. What does this mean? Why is it important to share the stories of special families? Well because they are among us. They are our family, friends, neighbors, and classmates…. By sharing their stories it helps bring awareness to […]

The In-Home Documentary Maternity Session for Sarah + Jean

When I began to do research for my first maternity session, I felt like I kept finding pregnancy cliches – heart hands, chiffon over bellies, baby shoes – but I rarely found photos that told me something unique about the couple being photographed. And then on Pinterest, I came across a black and white photo […]

Engagement Photography That Speaks To Your Heart

Have you ever looked at a photograph of your newly engaged friends thought “Man, I have never seen them look like that!” Maybe it’s a friend wearing a suit when he’s clearly a shorts and t-shirt kind of guy. Maybe it was a girlfriend sitting daintily in a park when you know she would rather […]

Documenting Real Stories: A Surrogate Birth Story

When my client, Susan, first reached out to me about documenting their surrogate birth story, it felt too good to be true. As a documentary family and birth photographer, it seemed as if all the storytelling stars had aligned. I think every photographer has a “bucket list” and this was definitely on mine. So, I […]

Making a Connection With Your Client While Making Pictures of Her In Pregnancy

I won’t lie. Like many photographers, it took me awhile to find my feet. I began as a filmmaker and threw myself headfirst into the wedding industry, falling head over heels in love with photography along the way. I was happy with my work, but after awhile, I knew that the culture of high expectations in […]

The Photographer’s Perspective of the Women’s March on Washington

Photographers within our community were all photographing the same event, at the same time, all over the country, which I found to be extraordinary. Saturday evening as the photographers in our community started sharing their 2017 Women’s March photos, I was blown away watching photos pop up from cities all over our country. I did not […]

Magnify Small Moments into a Photo Session

It feels like photography clients often seek to photograph only the milestones in a documentary-style, such as weddings or birthday events, as if only the big moments are worthy of hiring a photographer for. They often have a paralyzing way of feeling the need to create a session that makes them look amazing as opposed to documenting the love or subject matter in its natural state (whatever that means for each client). This usually comes from

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morning in the life

A Morning in the Life Before School: Half of a Photo Story

Our “school day” mornings consist of our family being together… groggy and sometimes a little crabby, but together. I’m revealing these Morning in the Life photos through the 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge I created so that the students could have a clear view into a story. The funny thing is, I did this session on a whim, before the challenge, without thought. When I sat down to write out the 7 emails for the challenge, I see how much I missed. You are going to see me beat up my photos a bit here (in red), because I want you to learn from my mistakes.

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photograph your husband

Photograph Your Husband As He Is – A Documentary Project

Kelly Lovan took the Fearless and Framed challenge in May 2015 to photograph your husband and didn’t stop at just a few photos. She turned this challenge into a documentary project! Be inspired to do the same.

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Playful Dads

Playful Dads – A Documentary Photo Project

Documentary Photographer Carey Pace shares her Playful Dads project on the Fearless and Framed blog. It is in play, together, that we bond & forge memories.

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documentary photography

Diary of Deliberately Making Photographs – Documentary Style

Documentary: After crying, re-booking my flight and napping on a bench where I was stared at like a zoo animal, I decided I wasn’t going to waste the next 8 hours.

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