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The Maternity Pictures Most People Forget to Take

Have you ever seen a photo of your mom pregnant with you? I have one of my mom. It was a photo nearly 3 decades ago at a family reunion. She was standing there, 5 months along, watching the children’s games take place (the highlight of the Zywicki Family Reunion). It is the only photo I have of […]

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How to Under-Develop Your {Bad} Creative Habits

The best way to grow your photography skills is to practice. To hone your skills, having a constant push to see a different perspective will not only keep your vision fresh, but will aid in preventing you from creating habits which turn into creative ruts. I mean think about it, how often have you approached a familiar scene (your living room, for example) and you realize you are standing in the same place you shot this scene the last 4 times?

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how to beat client doubt - for photographers

Storytelling Documentary Photo Sessions: Beat Client Doubt in 3 Steps

They book their photo session with you and the planning begins with their questionnaire + initial consultation. Suddenly, client doubt sets in about doing a documentary session. Read this full photography tip to keep them on the right track.

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Documentary Photography Community Love List – Get Featured or Published

When I first started my photography journey, I felt a little lonely in the sense that I felt like I had to shoot one way, when my heart was tugging me another way. Since, I’ve found photography communities that I know and love to have been a big support and I know I can attribute part of who I am today as an artist to these communities.

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valentine's mini sessions

Valentine’s Mini Sessions for Documentary Photographers

If I were running Mini Sessions, which I’m not this year, I wouldn’t change who I am as a photographer to fit in with the crowd. When you think of a mini session, what do you envision? I see cute backdrops, cute outfits, and portraits. Nothing wrong with those! Except, it’s not how I shoot my other sessions. Mini sessions are a fabulous opportunity to get yourself into a new network. Sure, you are going to get those clients that just plain want a deal. But in my experience, you can find some diamond clients that turn into full sessions later. Let’s talk about how we can maintain our documentary style of shooting and avoid becoming lifestyle or posed.

how to book photo sessions

Booking Photo Sessions: 5 Tips to Filling Your Calendar

So you wanna start offering Documentary Style Sessions? Whether you are afraid of making the switch or you are having a hard time finding people that are interested, this post will shed some light on booking photo sessions in general.

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documentary style sessions

Introducing a New Kind of Photo Session to Clients – Documentary Style

It’s kind of like fashion, every season brings a new style. Sure, it may have been a new item that in reality is being circled back from 1982, but it’s new to the current generation none the less. One brave soul starts a hot trend and it’s picked up by the masses. I’ll admit, I’m no fashionista. This post is about what I’ve learned about introducing a new kind of photo session to clients.

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photography happiness

5 Insider Secrets for Giving Yourself Shooting Freedom

Have you given yourself a reality check lately? At one point in my career, I felt like my business was running me instead of the other way around. I felt like my photos were beautiful, but nothing special. I wanted to take photos for clients in the way I documented my family life, but wasn’t. Give yourself a reality check

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photography blog

A Letter to Photographers: Have You Taken Yourself Hostage?

Dear Photographer Friend,

I hope this letter does not hold true for you. But, the blog comments pouring in (like on the Double Dog Dare post) and emails to me here at Fearless and Framed lead me to believe that there are a lot of photographers that feel this way… just like I did at one time.

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documentary photo sessions

Fearless and Framed’s Double Dog Dare to Photographers

It’s time to think outside the box. Take the dare to photographers to that will change how you approach your next photo session and proven with a couple of 100 year old meaningless photos.

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educational blogs for photographers

Must Read Blog Posts for Photographers

If you are craving more info on photography business pricing, shooting and technical tips, and some serious inspiration to challenge yourself, then keep reading! These are favorite blog posts around the net that you cannot not pass up!

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photography mentoring

First Installment in Photography Mentoring

This is the place you can ask questions and get advice from a third year photographer and 8 year business entrepreneur.

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