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Posts about branding, finding your voice, being confident in how you shoot, being confident in making money using your natural gifts, photograph freely, breaking the rules, etc.

everything you need to know about creating a client guide for photography

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Client Guide

The foundation of great marketing begins with understanding where your clients are at in their knowledge of what you do and how you can transform their lives with your products and services. In the F&F community, we know the majority of non-photographer potential clients still don’t quite understand what a documentary session even is. The problem […]

How to get more local photography clients with workshops

13 Reasons Teaching Beginner Photography Workshops Will Rock Your Business

What if there’s ONE THING you do in your business that brings you MORE business? A self-generating marketing machine, so to speak? Consider running a beginner level photography workshop in your community. Usually, when the topic comes up, I hear things like: I don’t know if I’m qualified. I know the material, but not sure if […]

10 Helpful & Non-Salesy Ways To Help Clients Fall in Love with Documentary Photography

If you’ve sought out documentary photo sessions for families, couples, or other, you have likely been hit with an insecurity from your potential clients. Do these sound familiar? “We’re just so boring… I don’t know what you would get from us, because all we do is sit around and watch tv.” “My home is messy […]

How to Use Instagram

How to Use Instagram to Generate More Traffic To Your Site (and clients!)

Most people think of Instagram as a place to browse pretty pictures and see the day-to-day of celebrities’ lives, but since starting my business, it’s become one of my favorite ways to bring in traffic and clients to my site on autopilot. It goes without saying that as a documentary photographer, you should definitely be […]

photos of joy

How Your Photography Voice Can Help Your Marketing

“Find your voice. Find your style. Know your photography vision. Uncover your message. Have a clear identity in your photos. Choose a smaller niche and do it amazingly.” These are all things you’ve likely heard before if you’ve been shooting for awhile. There are courses about self-discovery that help you define your photos. There’s an […]

you do you as a photographer

You Do You: Own Your Photography Style

You know when you suck at a job? …  No, like really suck?  Like the time I became a waitress at Baker’s Dozen & was serving coffee instead of milk, milk instead of water, ketchup instead of mustard … yea that kind of bad! It simply wasn’t my niche! I found myself in a similar situation […]

The Photography Rule You May Have Broken

Ok, I’m glad that title caught your attention. There’s been a bit of a buzz in our documentary-style community about following the “technical, photography rules” of a documentary photographer that takes on clients… what’s allowed in shooting, what’s allowed in editing, and so on. It pisses me off. The focus is in the wrong place. What you should […]

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