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Posts about branding, finding your voice, being confident in how you shoot, being confident in making money using your natural gifts, photograph freely, breaking the rules, etc.

The Long Game: Surviving in a Photography Genre without a Rulebook

I’ve often heard this said about motherhood: it’s the longest shortest time. And I always giggle a little bit because this is exactly how I feel about my photography business. The days can feel painstakingly long—especially the ones in the winter months. I’m not getting booked, and the blank spaces in my calendars feel like they […]

Documenting Mitzvahs as Part of a Thriving Photography Business with Susan Kalina

I am a documentary family and event photographer. However, I didn’t start out that way. I majored in photojournalism at Mizzou and worked at newspapers and magazines for ten years. Thirteen years ago I made the decision to step off the career track to stay home with my children and quit my job as a photo […]

The Brand Process Done Right: 9 Questions to Ask If You Want Impressive Branding

From everyday, casual wear – boyfriend jeans and leather jacket – to your little black dress and heels, to me branding meant having an upscale wardrobe for your business. Something that was nice to have, but not necessary to get the job done. A simple name logo with clean text was all I needed… until I actually […]

you do you as a photographer

You Do You: Own Your Photography Style

You know when you suck at a job? …  No, like really suck?  Like the time I became a waitress at Baker’s Dozen & was serving coffee instead of milk, milk instead of water, ketchup instead of mustard … yea that kind of bad! It simply wasn’t my niche! I found myself in a similar situation […]

The Maternity Pictures Most People Forget to Take

Have you ever seen a photo of your mom pregnant with you? I have one of my mom. It was a photo nearly 3 decades ago at a family reunion. She was standing there, 5 months along, watching the children’s games take place (the highlight of the Zywicki Family Reunion). It is the only photo I have of […]

The Photography Rule You May Have Broken

Ok, I’m glad that title caught your attention. There’s been a bit of a buzz in our documentary-style community about following the “technical, photography rules” of a documentary photographer that takes on clients… what’s allowed in shooting, what’s allowed in editing, and so on. It pisses me off. The focus is in the wrong place. What you should […]

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