Turn Bring Your Kids to Work Day into a Documentary Photo Shoot

We love how Melissa of Icarian Photography turned ‘Bring Your Kids To Work” day at her husband’s office into such a cool, unique photo shoot!


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As of late, I have committed myself to toting my camera along with me as many places as possible. Not to incessantly be snapping away, but rather, to have it handy for documenting special moments in the lives of my 19.5 month old twin daughters, Ruby and Vera. Moments that I know we’ll want to reflect on many years down the road. Along with the images, I have begun a blog series for them to look back on, to give added context to those moments captured. This day was no exception.

On this day, it was my daughters’ first “Bring Your Kids To Work” day. After their nap, geared with my Canon 6D and Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens, we trekked down to my husband’s work — which, for the kiddos, provided a band called the “Alphabet Rockers” and a frozen yogurt cart, to boot. Snacks, dancing, clapping, tons of other kids, running around… what more could these girls ask for?!


Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2360 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2362 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2363 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2367 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2372 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2377 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2383 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2393 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2400 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2401 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2405 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2407 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2413 Bring_Your_Kids_To_Work-2418



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