But, as a photographer in business, your WORDS are your greatest asset.

Words + stories make you more than someone with a camera.

They make potential dreamies see you as human + relatable. 

(which let’s their guard down and rises trust)

This makes YOU (and your pictures) memorable

which keeps new dreamies in your corner for the long game.

When your words touch their heart, ultimately, they're influenced into action instead of clicking 'like'.

(pronounced Moss) and I love using the camera to preserve living memories + help photographers connect with potential clients in a fun, memorable way.

In my 11 years of using stories to connect with others, I’ve learned the photographers struggling most have their sights set on bookings, bookings, bookings. 

The real win, though, is in relationships. Quality relationships in quantity. 

Think of conversations with your closest friends. What engages one another? STORIES.

The problem with stories is that “your story” and “your why” are a bunch of fluffy buzzwords. I checked with and couldn’t find a better way to convey ‘story’ that sounded exciting enough to get you to read up until this point.

I’m here to help you get the story part down to make you memorable with your potential dreamies.

Inside, you hold the same internal dialogue that your potential clients are having too. It’s the stuff you’re putting into your pictures – the way you see, observe, and decide to hit that shutter.

In this workshop, we’re gonna crack open the container and give attention to what’s inside.

Why? Because, until you do this for yourself, all the “let me tell your story / let’s preserve the memories” marketing lines are gonna be FLUFF to your potential dreamies. 

(a sign this is already happening if it feels like your efforts are going unnoticed or ignored)

Yep, we’re goin’ there, friend.

Honest Truth - at the end of the 5 days, you will:

Our lineup, starting Monday, 11/13/17, looks like this:

Day 1: Explore life experiences that light you up.

Day 2: Explore the icky feels.

Day 3: A better way to know who you’re talking to (your dreamies). 

Day 4: A simple story recipe (you'll use this template for life!)

Day 5: Rev up your story bank.

  • finish with at least ONE connective story to integrate into your marketing communication and
  • be invited to work with me further on your stories #beingtransparent.

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Though the process is priceless, the price tag isn’t free. It's only $7.

While there is a live element of this, everything will be recorded for your convenience.

Lessons are short (will come via inbox + FB live in our private pop up group) and there’s a good 30+ minutes you’ll want to dedicate for your daily introspection work. The best things come when you take steps, right?

(I recommend 30 minutes as a taster, but you could certainly set an intention to go deeper on your own after our 5 days is up).

PARTICIPATE. Don't take this as “oh another free challenge that I’ll sign up for and put in a (neva-gonna-see-it) folder for later.” We start Monday, November 13 and wrap up Friday, November 17, 2017.

No refunds will be given. I mean, you’re essentially buying me a chai tea latte + cup o’ soup for what would cost hundreds with a coach, strategist, or mentor.

Things to know before signing up: