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What we do:

We empower documentary-style photographers to let their inner serial moment-seeker selves come alive through their work & business. Sometimes it begins with awakening the moment-seeker within & helping photographers reveal this love for documenting. Sometimes, it’s showing the seasoned shooter how to go from posing & directing to taking control of their client sessions through stealth & awareness to achieve strong, documented moments. Sometimes, it’s pushing the insanely talented storytelling photographer into bootstrapping her way (or his) to business success.


About the Founder:

Marie Masse thought taking pictures was fun little hobby until she started a 365 photo project of her daughter. Then, she couldn’t get enough learning about composition, light, moments, & more. 3 years and 3 months later, that project stopped & along the way she evolved into a serial moment-seeker herself without even realizing it. One day, she was looking at her photos of her daughter in a basket with balloons (looking like she was about to fly away) and the photos of clients that held a sign that said, “this is our happily ever after.” It hit her: where is the depth to these photos? They were cute, but lacked the history and honesty of real life. She vowed never to take on a traditional posed or lifestyle session again. Documenting the bits of life that matter for clients became her obsession, so she opened Fearless and Framed® in 2014.


Why Board our Dream Team?

Make a Difference

Through our mission to help photographers run successful documentary-style photo sessions, you are giving people all around the world a piece of their history as art. From growing families to powerhouse couples to folks affected by the loss of a loved one, everyone is benefiting from the joy felt when visually seeing their life on paper.

Let Freedom Ring

After nearly 5 years in a cubicle, we believe we work to the best of our ability when we can be in a place we feel our best. Whether that’s from your couch, your bed, your home office, your favorite coffee shop, most of our positions allow you to work from wherever.

Opportunity for Growth

Be a part of a talented team where you will be challenged each and everyday. Even as a small company, we move fast. We are working to make BIG things happen. Your opportunity for growth inside of Fearless and Framed is something worth striving for!

Work on Fun

Be a part of working on exciting, new projects constantly in a highly motivating environment.

The Connections, yo!

Are you already a part of the photography industry? We are a community, which means you are have opportunity to interact with amazing photographers & respectable vendors.

Your Voice Matters

We have systems & structure like other successful businesses, but we value the input of our creative team on all things from how we operate to the content and products we put out. We believe each person can make us stronger & help make the dream a reality in their own way.


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Course & Community Ambassador

Hand-Crafted Content Strategist