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“se∙ri∙al mo∙ment see∙ker” noun.

1. A person in the business of making deep, meaningful photographs fueled by an instilled awareness – a strength to effortlessly recognize soul-moving moments on the fly.

2. A person with unpretentious confidence in shooting and has grabbed the reigns of business with grit and fearlessness, calling the shots rather than being a client order-taker.

Who is Fearless and Framed?

We believe in creating photo sessions inspired from your client’s real life, documenting it, and resulting in photos more meaningful than ever. The strongest photographers are the ones that photograph from their heart, understand the ‘why’ behind each click of their shutter, and are driven by their passion and voice. They are shameless, unapologetic, and free.

But if you’re anything like F&F’s Founder, Marie Masse, your photography journey in taking on client sessions actually pulled you away from shooting from within. In order to achieve this status of freedom at a client session, there is a dose of fearlessness and confidence that needs to be born inside of us. The great thing – we are here to help you get there.

Fearless and Framed is the place for photographers to come together and take their passion for shooting real life into the photography career they dream of. We strive to educate and teach how documentary photography can be an impactful part of today’s modern photography sessions for any subject.

Let’s document life as it happens – without boundaries, without fear, without rules. The moments that take your breath away and the seconds that shape lives. Genuine images that become the memories we pass down. We can photograph in an authentic, artistic way that is true to us, while preserving the truth of our lives – this is Fearless & Framed.

who is the f&f photographer?

She carries a full, sentimental heart on her sleeve. She is kind and easily liked by others, but only considers a small circle of people to be her soul mates. Her love for those in her life is fierce.

She is the most positive person you’ll ever meet too – even though inside she’s full of worry about life, parenting, being transparent and genuine through her work and being accepted, being good enough to earn the title of a great friend, sister, daughter, parent or wife.

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who created F & F?

meet Marie Masse

Marie Masse (pronounced Moss) is my name and I’m a documentary photographer living in Michigan. I started this blog in 2014. At the time, I had recently discovered documentary photography for myself through a series of little things that led me to want more for my client sessions.

I searched the internet high and low for inspiration on more candid, client sessions. Lifestyle photography and documentary images of photographers’ own children were plentiful, I had difficulty finding this documentary approach for client sessions. Little did I know, starting this blog was one of the best decisions of my life.

So far, I’ve helped photographers:

  • learn how to structure and shoot a session with a documentary inspired approach
  • learn how to communicate and educate potential clients on these sessions
  •  feel a part of a wonderful and exceptionally positive community

and most importantly, made an impact on today’s modern photo sessions, because the more I teach photographers how to shoot and rock their business with this approach, the more people all around are getting photos that matter to their core. < that’s what it’s all about.

Learn my personal story, how I grew fearless in shooting with a documentary approach, and see my favorite work: