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With our 7 Day Storyteller’s Photo Challenge only a couple of weeks away, I thought it would help for you to see a case study from our first challenge. If you are in the challenge, you need to start thinking about a story you want to savor and tell through photos. The challenge will be your how-to guide in doing so. (P.S. It’s not to late, click to join here). After July’s challenge, we were hit with a ton of story submissions! Meghann’s stood out to me, because she chose to photograph a subject other than little ones… her husband.

Ok, hold on… I’m hearing the sound of the record scratch (no pun intended with the rest of this post)…

I’m adding this, because I know you’re going to ask: Yes, you may photograph your little ones for this challenge. My whole thing about moving away from photographing your kids is purely for the sake of your own growth. This challenge should challenge you to photograph something away from the subject you usually gravitate towards. Ok?

Back to the story, Meghann Maguire (Website // Facebook) is a photographer out of Launceston, Tasmania. She first wrote to me after the challenge to say thank you and also mentioned she’s new to documentary photography in a round about way.

Upon submitting her photo story, this is what she had to say:
“In doing this challenge, I wrote down around 10 different stories and projects I want to capture. All these ideas just flowed out of me through out the week. One of my stories I wanted to capture, my husband, as I don’t do this often. I had a few different ideas for him and what I ended up doing wasn’t even any of them. It just happened unscripted. If it wasn’t for the challenge I might not of seen it. It not only gave me memories, but reminded my husband’s siblings of what he used to do when he was still living at home. They said he would do exactly the same thing.”

Choose Your Subject

So I challenge you, if you are joining our challenge, get in there and photograph someone you wouldn’t normally shoot. Preserve a piece of their personality, their story, their history-in-the-making, your connection to them, or their bond to something or someone significant to them. Let Meghann’s story be a piece of inspiration:



MMP_7721-9 MMP_7722-10





MMP_7963-3 MMP_7965-5 MMP_7969-9


Pretty cool right?!
We have a ton of little quirks about us and the people we love all too often left unrecorded. Being a girl that’s lost all 4 grandparents, uncles and even a bestie at a young age, it is these details that I long to have ‘just one more’ shared experience with those people… with many memories becoming fuzzy as I age and time has passed since they’ve left.

I hope you’ll join me, hundreds of other photographers already on board, and the rest of the F&F team in our next 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge! You can click to join here.

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Author: MarieMasse
I help client documentary photographers fine-tune their workflow + marketing game, so their work is filled with sessions that represent their voice + client values while earning a living. I shoot undirected, off-beat stories that aren’t preserved often enough (like the story of couples before starting a fam or becoming empty-nesters – a dream project of mine), so my clients’ old box of photos is a meaningful, visual diary of their life + legacy to leave behind.

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