Help Clients Fall in Love with

Documentary Photography

You fell in love with documenting your family life, felt the sweet reward of collecting memories through the lens, and you’re EXCITED to pay this gift forward to your clients? 

Like omg-everyone-should-have-this! kind of feeling?

But, your paid sessions leave you thinking, “Next time, I’ll find my ‘right’ clients." You broke your vow to photograph your clients – without direction, without posing, without client-picked Pinspiration?


With this playbook, you will:

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Learn 10 Ways to Increase Client Demand – both online and off

Grow a community based on a shared core value where documentary photography can be their solution (their obvious choice when hiring a photographer)

Use strategies that don’t jump into selling, but start by giving them an ah-ha (finally, you’ll receive clients who are all-in with their documentary session)




Stop feeling like ‘no one gets it’ and let your bright documentary light be contagious!