1 New Client in 3 Days: Tailgate Party

Are you ready to see some bookings land on your calendar?


If you are in this cycle of posting your latest photos or blog posts on social media and *hoping* for a booking to land in your inbox… we have a lot of (totally doable) work to do. This challenge is designed to jumpstart your photo session bookings. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you’ve been in business for years, you can do this.

Here’s where I get frustrated with photographers I work with:

They say they want this big, amazing photography business.

They are skilled shooters and dedicated to mastering their craft.

And then they WAIT for business to come to them.

These photographers may occasionally reach out to people and say something like, “Hey, I do these photo sessions and thought you may be interested. If you are, let me know.” << those last 3 words are what kill it.

Overall, their marketing plan looks like this:

  • They share their photos consistently on their blog, social outlets, and avidly participate in sharing photos on photography community/vendor sites in hopes for a share.
  • They stuff their blog titles with keywords like “The F Family | Michigan Lifestyle Photographer”
  • Spend hours behind their computer working on their websites and other back-end things that frankly… aren’t going to bring you many, if any, bookings by completing these tasks alone.

They FEEL busy, but they aren’t busy with clients in demand for their sessions.

Out of frustration, sometimes they’ll slash their rates so bad it hurts.

They’ll run a promotion that brings in the most epic complaining clients ever (the people only in it for the close-to-free) — not always, but often.

They rock the sessions, blog ’em, and are back at square 1 wondering where all the clients are.

So why do I get frustrated?

It’s because these photographers are TALENTED and hard-working, but are unaware they need a shift in their focus.

They just don’t even know it and blame it on “no one wants to book with me, because the photographer down the road is cheaper, no one wants a documentary session (no one wants an in-home session), everyone says I’m too expensive, I just keep hearing crickets from my blog efforts, no one sees me on Facebook anymore….” and the list goes on.

book more photography clients


Here’s the truth:

Designing your website, laying out your client magazine, setting up your marketing plans are important for longterm marketing strategy, don’t get me wrong.

Each are vital tools and when used well can aid in bringing you new clients even when you sleep. In fact, I whole-heartedly believe in creating yourself a sound marketing system in your business.

But when you have no bookings on your calendar, no income coming in from your business, all of those tasks turn into busy work.

Longterm marketing plans take time, but when you’re a new business owner, it feels like time is not on your side. While slowly and deliberately building a long term marketing plan, you must promote yourself DAILY in a friendly-aggressive way. That word aggressive probably sounds terrifying, but stay with me.


You need income to stay a business…. otherwise, you’re going out-of-business or it’s a hobby.

And the choice, my friend, is yours.

You’re either gonna do it. Or you’re not.

You’re going to take action and be on the prowl to get those clients and bookings yourself…

… or you’re going to hide behind your computer and hope they come to you eventually.

You’re either going to chalk it up to “no one around here can afford me…”

… or you’re going to make the choice to expand your network. (or work on that thing you believe is holding you back from clients… you’ll make the choice to be resourceful and work to figure it all out)

Are you in the place to make the choices that will yield progress?

I don’t know why exactly you joined the 1 New Client in 3 Days Challenge… but my guess is you’re here to move your business forward.

I’m going to give you some easy steps to take. This should take you no more than an hour per day in this challenge (ok, day 2 may take an extra hour).

Seriously, if you are complaining about an hour or so of daily effort to hit your goal, why are you here? Close the page.

You have to show up, do the work, and put in the time to see results. If you’re committed, let’s get to pre-gaming!


Step 1: How many bookings do you really want?

This challenge isn’t theory, it’s actionable steps to getting bookings when you have none. Before going into this, I want you to think about how many bookings you would like to see in the next month. 1? 4?

Before going into this, it’s important to know that the number of bookings you get will directly correlate with the amount of people you contact. Since you’ve never done this before, you may not be able to say, “If I reach out to 40 people, I’ll get one client.” This means, as the steps are revealed, set the bar high for yourself. If you aren’t able to connect with as many people as you initially hoped, oh well. You’ve put in an effort which is probably more than you can say you were doing last week 😉 Just sayin’ or you wouldn’t be here.


Step 2: What’s your starting line?

Track your numbers before beginning. Do not skip this step. Grab a piece of paper. Jump into Google Analytics, open up your email list, and your social platforms. Here’s what I want you to track:

1. Know your average number of users and page views over the last 30 days (divide that by 30 and you’ll have your daily values).

2. Know your social fan/follower count for each platform

3. Know the number of email subscribers you have

4. Though today we are starting at 0, leave a space on your page for bookings


Step 3: What kind of bookings do you want?

Are you looking for anybody and whoever is willing to book with you? No, you need to be clear on the type of bookings you want. What kind of client do you want to work with? What types of sessions are going to align well with your voice and in turn attract more of your dream clients?

Perhaps this is day in the life sessions of families with little ones. Perhaps this is multi-generation sessions around the dinner table.

While bringing in extra income is great, do yourself a solid favor and focus on the type of clients you really want to continue working with.


That’s it.

Do those 3 steps today and I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 1.

See you tomorrow,

Marie xo